The Holy Prophet ﷺ, throughout His life, helped the needy and always instructed His followers to take care of their due necessitates. He ﷺ advised the entire Muslim Ummah to be kind and affectionate to the disadvantaged persons. On one occasion, the Holy Prophet ﷺ said to His Wife, Hazrat A`isha (R.A): “O Aisha, love the poor and let them come to you and Allah will draw you near to Himself.” (Bukhari)

Abdullah Aid is a UK-based international relief charity based in East London 

( Charity number: 1165916)

Inspiration for the birth of this charity was from a young sick child whose suffering touched many lives and paved the way for many more lives to be helped. Our mission is to fulfil sustainable solutions relating to health, shelter, education and empowerment, which is achieved by providing emergency relief, food and medical aid to victims of conflict & natural disasters and implementing income generation projects to help them gain independence.

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