We always require and appreciate the help of our fundraisers. This is an integral part of how we raise funds for the needy.

People fundraise for many different reasons, but the three factors that are most important to them are because they want to do more for charity, to raise awareness of a charity or just because they want to raise as much money as possible for a specific cause.

We have therefore created an online fundraising page to simplify the process.

CLICK HERE to set up a Fundraising page towards one of our projects

There will be no deductions to your fundraising like mainstream fundraising platforms besides card transactions fee which are applied by our payment gateway providers.
This will allow you create a fundraising page in just a few minutes, then simply share out the link and the fundraiser is off the ground.

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Would you like to donate your time?
Volunteering helps to change the lives of those less fortunate than us.
Abdullah Aid is actively involved in international humanitarian work and we could use your help.

Volunteer Work

We at Abdullah Aid organise a number of local and national events to raise donations for some of our projects.
As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to manage your own fundraising campaigns, partake in local community and fundraising projects and volunteer at our events.

Create awareness & spread the word

Your help will assist us to reach more people for the sake of the less fortunate.

Raise funds yourself

We also appreciate supporters who make efforts to raise funds themselves.
There are a number of ways to raise funds, but the best way to do so is by organising a fundraising event.

Contact us for advice on how to setup a fundraising page or visit our fundraising page to set one up now.

We look forward to working with and developing volunteers to form a positive relationship which will enable Abdullah Aid to reach more people in need.