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Qurbani 2021

Qurbani 2021

Pakistan School Appeal

Appeal to provide a new school for the needy in Pakistan

Dates Project

Dates distribution in the UK

Rohingya Appeal

Donate towards supporting Rohinya refugees


Donations towards projects in Palestine

Imaam support

Imaam Support

Other Projects

Other Projects



Masjid Construction

Donate towards a construction of a Masjid

Quran & Literature

Distribute Qurans

Eid Gifts

Donate and Eid Gift Today

Shelter Projects

Donate towards a Shelter Home


Help us cover our cost of running the charity

Yemen Emergency Appeal

Raising money for the Yemen Crisis

Water Projects

Donate towards a Water Pump or Water Well

General Donation

General Donation

Olive Tree

Plant an Olive Tree in Palestine for just £4

UK Community Support

UK Community Support

Empowerment (Income Generation)

Please see list of countries and options for Empowerment.

Sponsorship Programmes

Sponsorship Programmes

Eye Cataract Operations


Syrian Refugee Crisis

General donation will be utilised for the Syrian Refugees with most need.