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Lebanon Emergency Appeal

Lebanon Emergency Appeal



Idlib 2020

Idlib emergency Appeal

Masjid Construction

Donate towards a construction of a Masjid

Quran & Literature

Distribute Qurans

Eid Gifts

Donate and Eid Gift Today

Shelter Projects

Donate towards a Shelter Home


Help us cover our cost of running the charity

Yemen Emergency Appeal

Raising money for the Yemen Crisis

Water Projects

Donate towards a Water Pump or Water Well

General Donation

General Donation

Olive Tree

Plant an Olive Tree in Palestine for just £4

Food Bank

Please donate so that no one has to be without essentials. All monies donated will go towards purchasing items needed.

Empowerment & Disability Support

Please see list of countries and options for Empowerment.

Sponsorship Programmes

Sponsorship Programmes

Food Parcel Appeal

These food parcels will help a family with food items and other essentials for upto a month.

Eye Cataract Operations


Syrian Refugee Crisis

General donation will be utilised for the Syrian Refugees with most need.