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Give Hope & help make a difference to a child

Prior to the Islamic era, the orphan was an often overlooked or ignored member of society. When the light of Islam dawned, Allah ﷻ elevated the status of this helpless individual. There are thousands of children across the world who do not have the financial means to have an education. Some children are without both parents. 

Our Orphan sponsorship helps to support the education and living cost of the orphans. 

- Every child will be provided with an education, clothing, school books and food. Feedback will be provided on your sponsored child.

- Orphan Sponsorship starts at just £15 a month. 

- Hifz sponsorships from £150.

Syria | Pakistan | The Gambia | India (Hifz)

To Sponsor an Orphan child or a Hifz Student for 1 Year, Please call the office on 0208 279 0166

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