India Covid-19 Appeal

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India Covid-19 Appeal

We have launched an urgent appeal for funds to help coronavirus victims in India.

As many of you know, India is currently in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds thousands of people are suffering from the infection and thousands have perished, not just in hospitals but on the streets too. 
India has become the worst impacted country globally. Despite having a tracking system, it is quite poor, which means actual figures are much higher than recorded!  The worst affected are the poor and those unable to afford medical bills or self-isolate. Local hospitals are flooded with Covid-19 victims and many are unable to cope and are forced to turn people away. It is a horrific situation which is receiving little attention and requires urgent donations.

Treatment in India is not universally available with local charitable hospitals struggling to cope whilst private hospitals are charging nearly RS1 Lakh per day.  Charitable hospitals desperately need the right supplies to properly deal with the pandemic and to increase their capability to treat the wave of infections sweeping the country every day.

We have been in discussion with these hospitals, with medical professional and local aid workers.  We have established the urgent need for more ventilators, crucially life-saving oxygen supplies, Oxygen lines and BiPAP machines.

We are requesting your Sadaqah and Lillah donations urgently, to help us provide support to them.

Please help and save lives. It is our duty to help the needy and this is your chance to make a difference!