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Abdullah Aid are raising money for the ongoing Yemen Crisis which has affected millions of people. The crisis has left the people, mainly children malnourished.

According to the UN, the situation in Yemen is the worlds worst man-made humanitarian disaster, where civilians have repeatedly been the victims. Around 75% of the population - 22.2 million people. are in need of humanitarian assistance. 3 million have already fled their homes with 2 million displaced. 

£50 Food & Hygiene Parcels - Contains food items to last 1 month. Hygiene items provided to reduce the risk of diseases spreading. (Zakaat, Sadaqah, Lillah)

£50 Bread Feeding - Bread and yogurt provided to 100 families. (Zakaat, Sadaqah, Lillah)

£150 Clean Water - Water refill of 30,000L. (Sadaqah Nafilah, Lillah)

£70 1000L Tank - A water tank which can hold 1,000l of water.  (Sadaqah Nafilah, Lillah)

£110 2000L Tank - A water tank which can hold 2,000L of water. (Sadaqah Nafilah, Lillah)

Medical Support -  Funds will be used towards any medical support required by beneficiaries. (Zakaat, Sadaqah, Lillah)

The people of Yemen need our urgent support, let us all come together to help serve humanity. Please donate your Sadqah, Zakaat and Lillah today.

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