Cyclone Idai


Cyclone Idai death toll has risen to more than 750 over 3 countries. The final death toll is said to increase to over 1000.

More than 2.6 million people have been directly affected by the flooding.
According to the environment minister in Mozambique, 'the spread of cholera and malaria is unavoidable'. 
Over 100,000 are currently in shelters but the risk of diseases spreading within the shelters is very high.

Many of the families are sleeping in the open, increasing the chances of pneumonia, particularly amongst children.

Beira is the hardest hit area, authorities say 90% of the city has been destroyed.
Continuous rainfall has caused higher level of flooding.

Victims of the cyclone have lost all their belongings and are without food or clean water.

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Abdullah Aid are providing emergency relief in Mozambique and Malawi

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