Empowerment (Income Generation)

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1. Bicycle
Sri Lanka £ 170.00
2. Gardening
The Gambia £ 950.00
3. Sewing Machine
Pakistan £ 75.00
Sri Lanka £ 170.00
Tanzania £ 100.00
Yemen £ 150.00
4. Vegetable Carts
Yemen £ 150.00

Empower an individual and help start a brighter future!

The Empowerment project provides an opportunity for communities to generate an income, support themselves and build confidence.

Thousands across the globe are looking for ways to overcome daily struggles and to live a stable life where they do not rely solely on donations. Our aim is to enable these men and women to grow in self-belief and achieve goals they otherwise would not be able to. The project allows them to start small businesses or work together in the community to generate an income.

For more information on the empowerment projects, please contact the office.