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Imaam Support

Scholars are a key aspect to our communities.

They are the foundation of our Masaajid in leading congregational prayers, teaching and supporting us with our daily life predicaments.

With countless Masaajid not able to raise enough donation funds to suitably pay their Imaams, many of them are in desperate need of basic necessities.

This has affected their daily lives in supporting their own families in many circumstances.

We are raising funds to support Imaams in countries across the globe. This will help them financially support themselves and their family and continue to support their local community.

Many Imaams are currently in financial difficulty due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

It should be our duty to support them in their time of need just as they selflessly supported us in our time of need. 

Support procedure:

  • An Abdullah Aid representative from each country will identify Imaams in need, mainly in rural areas
  • A zakaat eligibility form will be completed to identify Imaams eligible for Zakaat
  • A monthly cash grant will be provided to each Imaam
  • Grants will vary depending on the country and the Imams situation
  • Each Imaams situation will be monitored regularly.