My Ilm

My Ilm have developed an app that will host a vast variety of videos and cartoons for our children to watch. Our library will keep them entertained for hours!

The best bit, you don't need internet all the time. Simply download them when you are connected to WiFi and watch them when you are ready.

All vetted content = no nasty surprises that mislead/corrupt our little Ummah. 

  1. No Music
  2. No Non-fictional characters
  3. No Un-modest clothing
  4. No depicting Prophets or Companions
  5. No Bad Manners

With all the above efforts, the 'Islamic European Sharia Council' has certified My Ilm to be within their guidelines and deemed them 'proper' for the guidlines to come.

Having young children growing up in the western world with all the influences and morals contradictory to our Islamic beliefs being thrown at them from every angle. We are like many other parents trying our best to protect them whilst balancing our daily chores.
Unable to find a suitable platform free from the risk of inappropriate adverts or accidentally browsing off to unsuitable content. My Ilm decided to create their own safe space. Now we want to share this with the world.

Included in the library you will find existing cartoons edited to comply with our ethos guided by Sheikh Hatham Al Hadad at the Islamic Shariah council of Europe, as well as our very own productions.

Click here to visit My Ilm official website

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