Ramadhan 2019

It is narrated from Abu Hurayrah (RA) that the Messenger (SAW) said "Allah (SWT) said ' Spend, O Son of Adam, and I shall spend on you'

Multiply the reward of your charity during Ramadhan
Abdullah Aid are carrying out Empowerment, Shelter and Water projects this Ramadhan. Be part of improving Lives

EMPOWERMENT from just £33 - (Zakaat, Sadaqah, Lillah)
Thousands of people across the world do not have sufficient income to provide for their families.. Help to generate income for a family. 
Click Here to donate towards an Empowerment Project

SHELTERS from £1,500 - (Zakaat, Sadaqah, Lillah)
People are living in make shift huts which do not provide enough protection against severe weather conditions. Provide a family with a secure and permanent home.
Click Here to donate towards a Shelter Project
WATER from £130 - (Sadaqah, Lillah)
Children and adults are prone to diseases due to unhygienic water Provide a supply of clean water to families and the community in a villages. 
Click Here to donate towards a Water Project
RAMADAN FOOD PARCELS from £25 - (Zakaat, Sadaqah, Lillah)
Donate Food Parcels for Ramadan
Click Here to donate towards Food Parcels
FIDYAH is a compensation paid when one is unable to fast, neither is one able to make up for the fast later on (Due to ill health).
KAFFARAH is a compensation when one deliberately breaks a fast without a valid reason. This person must fast continuously for 60 days. If one is unable to do so (due to ill health) they must then feed 60 people. (Please consult your local Ulama)
FITRANAH is compulsory upon every sane Muslim who holds the Nisab value. It must be paid on behalf of children who are not of age. The amount must be paid before the Eid Prayer.  Our Fitrana distribution will be done before Eid Prayers

Minimum Fidyah for 1 fast - £3
Minimum Kaffarah for 1 fast - £180
Minimum Fitrana per person - £3

The price of Fidyah/Kaffarah/Fitrana has been approved by the UK Scholars and based on local wheat price.
To donate a larger amount, please use the donate now option.

For more information on personalised feedback or any of our projects, please contact our office

Donation Options

1. Fidya/Kaffarah
£ 3.00
2. Fitrana
£ 3.00
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