Shelter Projects

Provide a family with a Home

Abdullah Aid are carrying out Shelter projects in Tanzania, The Gambia, Ethiopia,  and Sri Lanka.
Families are living in difficult situations. Makeshift huts and shelters do not protect them against severe climates. 

Our objective is to build shelter homes which will protect families against the rain during monsoon seasons, provide cover from the extreme heat and allow the beneficiaries to have a place they can call 'Home'.

Donate towards a shelter for a family in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka or The Gambia. 

Personalised feedback will be provided on donations of full shelters

For more information on the Shelter projects, please contact our office

Donation Options

1. Shelter Home
£ 1300.00
£ 1600.00
Sri Lanka
£ 2000.00
£ 4000.00
The Gambia
£ 1500.00
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