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Answering the Call of the Prophet ﷺ in Caring for Orphans

Prior to the Islamic era, the orphan was an often overlooked or ignored member of society. When the light of Islam dawned, Allah ﷻ elevated the status of this helpless individual.

“They ask you (O Muhammad ) what they should spend. Say: Whatever you spend of good must be for parents and kindred and orphans and al-Masakin (the poor) and the wayfarers, and whatever you do of good deeds, truly, Allah knows it well.” (Qur’an, 2:215)

“Did He not find you (O Muhammad) an orphan and gave you a refuge?” (Qur’an, 93:6)

Orphan Sponsorship starts at just £30 a month or £360 a year. Please donate generously to this noble cause and 

You can sponsor an Orphan in the following countries:

  • The Gambia, 
  • Sri Lanka, 
  • Tanzania 
  • Syrian orphan.

If you would like to set up a monthly payment, please notify us via email or call the office on 0208 279 0166.

Every child will be provided with an education, clothing, school books and food. Feedback will be provided on your sponsored child.
Please help make a difference in a childs life today.

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