Water Projects

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1. Deep Tube Well
Bangladesh £ 1500.00
2. Water Well
Guinea-Bissau £ 1000.00
The Gambia £ 550.00

Give the gift of Water

Our Water projects are constructed in needy locations where families often have to travel far for water, or do not have a fresh, clean water supply.

Water is essential for us all. Beneficiaries use the water wells, pumps and boreholes for drinking, washing and farming.

Boreholes - These are dug by machine and are a lot deeper than a well. They are also a lot smaller in diameter. Boreholes last a very long time

Deep tube wells -  Deep tube wells are dug a lot deeper than a water well. A pump is then fixed on to gather water. Lifespan is 10+ years

Water Wells - These are dug by hand and are a lot wider than a borehole. A bucket is usually used to gather water. Lifespan is between 7-10 years

Hand Pump - Hand pumps are not dug as deep, but they are great for providing water for a family or small community. These last on average between 2-5 years.

Personalised feedback will be provided on donations of full Wells/Pump/Boreholes

Please use the comments box to provide details for the plaque in ONE of the following ways:

  • Donated By: [NAME]
  • Sadaqah Jaariyah for: [NAME]
  • Esaale Thawab for: [NAME]
  • On behalf of: [NAME]
Completion times for water projects vary depending on number of orders. We aim to complete the projects between 3-8 months (depending on type of water project, country and Covid-19 restrictions) from the day of donation. 

Some plaque details may be shortened. (For donations without plaque details, the donors name will be used)

Water Wells in Guinea Bissau & Sierra Leone are dug between February - May due to weather conditions. 

Construction of all water projects donated 1 month before Ramadan will commence after Ramadan.

Water Projects in Sri Lanka have been significantly delayed due to lockdown. Completion time may be longer than usual.

For more information on water projects, please contact our office