Water Projects

Give the gift of Water

Access to clean water is necessary for all. Currently many communities in rural parts of The Gambia have to travel long distances for water. Villages in Sri-Lanka use water pumps and wells for drinking, cleaning washing and growing crops. Many use it to provide water for animals.

We help build water wells in the villages where everyone can benefit.

Water Pumps are also provided in India (West Bengal)

Donate towards a water well or water pump to help rural communities.

Feedback will be provided for complete Water Pumps and Wells

Donation Options

1 Borehole
The Gambia
£ 4000.00
2 Water Pump
£ 240.00
Sri Lanka
£ 130.00
3 Water Well
Sri Lanka
£ 500.00
The Gambia
£ 450.00
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You can use these quick donate buttons to make a general donation towards the 'Water Projects' project or to donate to a specific cause, please use the donate buttons provided in the Donation Options (cost table).

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