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On Tuesday 4th August, 2 huge explosions occured in Lebanons port, so devastating it sent sound and shockwaves which were felt 100 miles away in Cyprus.

Lebanon had two huge explosions in its port which sent a blast wave across the city, killing at least 100 people and injuring nearly 4,000. The scenes of the aftermath is devastating.

Rescuers have continued to search for victims who remain trapped under rubble. In one video shared on Wednesday, a search team can be heard clapping and cheering as a survivor is pulled to safety.

Hospitals, several of which were damaged in the blast, have been inundated with patients. In Gemmayze district, medical teams are forced to treat patients in a car park, while morgues are being setup due to the hospital being overwhelmed.

Aerial images from the scene of the explosion illustrate the impact of the blast, which destroyed crucial silos that contained around 85% of the country’s grain. Lebanon’s economy minister, Raoul Nehme, said the wheat in Beirut’s port granaries cannot be used and that the ministry lost track of seven employees in the granaries.

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