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Gaza is in crisis. and our brothers and sisters need urgent medical, food and water support. Donate wholeheartedly and support today. 

Update from our ground team on 15/05/2021:

"Situation here is getting very critical and families in north of Gaza are being asked to leave their homes, heavy shelling in different locations, Gaza has turned into dust.. so far:

14 highly densely populated towers were totally shelled and damaged in Gaza.

More than 2100 civilians homes are damaged.

23 schools, medical clinics and hospitals have been affected between extreme to intermediate damages.

50 cars, private transportation and farming lands have been affected with a loss over £100,000

In total, 109 martyrs , 28 children, 15 women, more than 508 people were critically injured"

I don't what is going to happen after they end this attack but the thing I am sure about that thousands of children, women and elderlies will suffer from a long term term trauma and mental illnesses.. this war is the hardest and most different and difficult one!

The loss and damage is very big and I believe it will take us years just to maintain the damage that caused during this war"

Abdullah Aid's ground support has started and with your help, we can support the affected immediately.

Please donate generously.