Rukn Ul Amal

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Millions of refugees have fled Syria to seek protection from the ongoing crisis. Many of the families who have fled their homes are now residing in makeshift tents. These tents are not suitable to live in, providing little to no privacy, very poor insulation and are not big enough for families. Winter climate can be very harsh in Syria. Families struggle in the cold, resulting in sickness and even deaths. Along with this, families constantly struggle with food and water supplies.  

To bring hope and improve the lives of the Syrian refugees, Abdullah Aid have decided on the ‘Rukn Ul Amal’ project. Our aim is to construct a village for the refugees. This will provide a well-built briquette home to protect against severe weather conditions and provide families with the required privacy.

Each home will cost £1,500

Shelter a Syrian family.

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1. Shelter Home
£ 1800.00

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