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Abdullah Aid are currently constructing Water Wells and Shelters for the needy people in rural Gambia.

Many are without work or do not have enough income to support their families. Women and children have to walk a distance to collect water. Families are still living in mud huts with straw roofs. These houses are not built for the rainy season or against other extreme weather conditions. Many of these mud huts experience leaking roofs which then have to be covered up with plastic sheets.

Abdullah Aid have been present in The Gambia for over a year now. We have completed numerous water well and shelter projects for residents of The Gambia. We have also completed many other projects such as food distributions, medical aid, roofing projects and orphan sponsorship's.

We would like to share with you a short story:

On our visit to Gambia in April 2019 we came across a young couple with 3 children, the couple had been sleeping in a small room Approx 3m x 3m on the concrete floor with nothing between them and the ground, all 5 members of the family cramped in this room just broke our heart.

The worst part of it all was the fact the lady of the house was pregnant and lost her baby. Since then Abdullah Aid through your kind donations have given them adequate furniture so they can now sleep as we all do. There are many more thousands sleeping like this on rough terrain and we ask you to continue supporting us so that we can make their lives a little easier. 

Our water well completion time is between 8-10 months. This is due to high volume of water well request and weather conditions. Feedback will be provided upon completion of well, we will try our level best to complete the project before time frame noted.
Please continue donating towards these worthy causes as the need is still present for the people of The Gambia

Donation Options

1. Empowerment (Bicycle)
The Gambia
£ 50.00
2. Hifz Sponsorship (Non Boarding)
The Gambia
£ 40.00
3. Madrasa Construction
The Gambia
£ 6000.00
4. Masjid construction
The Gambia
£ 6000.00
5. Mattress
The Gambia
£ 30.00
6. Roofing Project
The Gambia
£ 400.00
7. Shelter
The Gambia
£ 1500.00
8. Water Well
The Gambia
£ 500.00
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