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Newham Community Project (NCP)

During Ramadan 2020, some of the mosques in Newham set up a hot food service to share food with friends and neighbours. What started off with a handful of people, quickly turned to dozens and by the end there were more than 800 people being served a meal daily by the mosques.

The organisers spoke to the people collecting the food and found them to be of a similar profile: international students stranded in the UK. Many of them told stories of utter destitution and how they were reliant on the hot food service as their only meal of the day.

This kickstarted a small grants program and what was intended to give 50 or so people some money to get the essentials, turned into 500+ applicants for a very limited amount of money.

Newham Community Project (registered charity 1128596) took control and held a meeting with the volunteers to discuss strategy. It was quickly agreed that small grants would not really change the situation that the students faced. Other agencies needed to be contacted to resolve the issues of the lack of income, universities chasing for fees, threatening landlords and the emotional trauma that these young people were having to go through.

There are still hundreds of students who are unable to pay their landlords rent or the universities their fees.

There are some universities who are writing letters threatening to cancel students' enrolment and in effect their visa, leaving students faced with the prospect of being deported and facing huge debts when they return. Through no fault of their own and as a result of broken policies and the extension of the "hostile environment" and "no recourse to public funds."

Newham Community Project now provides a weekly food bank service where food and essentials are provided to over 1000 students every week.

Newham Community project are also providing additional support to individuals and families for which we have an open fund to donate any amount you wish. Please use the quick donate options at the top of this page to donate towards this fund. 

Newham Community Project are working in partnership with Abdullah Aid to provide the above services.

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